Week 1: Introduction, process and interviewing

Every week, I’ll compile some resources related to our topic. These might be blog posts, articles or YouTube videos. They are meant to be quick reads to provide context for what we’re going to learn, but I’ll also provide book recommendations for deep diving into a topic.

This class will take a hands-on approach, so think of a project you can work on throughout the course. This can be something you’re trying to design at work, an iPhone app, or a website you really wish didn’t suck – whatever problem needs solving.


What’s user experience and why does it matter?

What does user experience look like in the real world?

Interviewing 101

Edit: Lecture slides are now available.

One thought on “Week 1: Introduction, process and interviewing

  1. webgyver

    Lee, congratulations. This is good stuff. I really like to see how other UX professionals go about teaching UX from their point of view. There’s always new material that surfaces, and I encourage you to keep up the good work. Thank you for doing this.


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